The key objective of this project is to research and analyze the Phi Mu Alpha–Upsilon Phi Jazz Festival (JazzFest)—its patterns, rituals, participants’ behavior, values, status hierarchy among individuals, gestures, body language, clothing, vernacular speech, and so on—using ethnographic and anthropological methods (e.g., field notes, oral history, archival research) in order to illuminate the festival’s cultural and historical significance.

(Video credit: Justin Borgstede, J. Borg Media, 2015. Courtesy of the videographer)

Site Outline

Brief History of Phi Mu Alpha–Upsilon-Phi and JazzFest

JazzFest 48 Overview
JF48 Guest Artist: Ron Miles

Day 1
Truman Jazz Band Rehearsals
Small Clinic with Ron Miles
Judge’s Jam Overview and Ethnographic Analysis 

Day 2
Visiting High Schools and Middle Schools: History
Recruiting Schools
A Day with a Middle School Jazz BandRehearsal, Performance, and Clinic
Featured clinic with Ron Miles
Saturday Evening Performance Overview and Ethnographic Analysis

Cultural Impact

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